In life, we crave for that rare and exquisite relationship that gives meaning and fulfillment to our existence. We long for that woman who not only has the external beauty to excite our physical being, but also the inner beauty (compassion, honesty, emotional giving) that will ignite our soul. That rare exquisite being can be found in both reality and in our “fantasy world”. As a lover of the “fantasy”, that someone would be (and could be for you) CAPTIVATING CORY …. a provocative, mature exotic gentleman’s companion.

This courtesan’s gift is her ability to look into your eyes and connect with your soul with you knowing that she is sincerely and totally giving of herself to you. You will revel in her romance, love her dance of seduction.

This woman has exquisite taste, class, intelligence and wit. Physically, this red-headed vixen will intoxicate you with her beauty. Be warned however. This lady’s magical passion is dangerously addicting and will capture your heart.”


“Thank-you for the amazing time – I have never experienced anyone quite like you. Beautiful, sexy, kind, fun, considerate and wildly wicked. I wish you all the best in your life for the summer and the adventures ahead of you and will hold the memories to sustain me until I see you again probably in the Fall.”

All the best, Tom