Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.
Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Mature Escort and Guide in NYC, NJ & FL

There are no coincidences…. YOU finding me is NO accident! You are right where you are supposed to be… at this very particular moment in time. Allow me to be your escort and guide. Together we will discover a whole new provocative, erotic and exciting respite.

Are you longing for… craving… an intimate, exquisite companion, a discreet and passionate friend? One who leaves you breathless and intoxicated? Whose generous touch will resonate in the depths of your soul, whose kisses are all consuming, whose capacity to love, so tantalizing and rare?

The art of intimacy runs deep within my essence. Prepare to be captivated!! Together we will expand your limits and discover profound magical moments in time. Rest assured, your memories will be lasting and our connection to one another, extraordinary and beyond compare!  I want you, my soon to be lover, as much as you want and desire me!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is CORY… I am an exquisite, petite, mature woman, who just turned 60. My flaming auburn tresses are long and brilliant red.  My provocative scent is intoxicating. Tenderly touch my skin so soft.  I am just craving to be caressed.

My body language is teasing and tantalizing, the stylish way I dress catches an eye or two. You will find me to be upbeat and an excellent conversationalist, witty and intelligent with quite the spirit to match. However… it is the passionate way I live my life that will gloriously consume your heart. I call it a “Higher State of Sexy!” This heady combination of unadulterated femininity will leave you breathless and greedy, needing to embody so much more.

I understand the rigors of your business and the sacrifices you have made in order to achieve your level of success. Come hold my hand. Allow me to take you away to some place mystical and safe. Now is the time to awaken those carnal desires that have been dormant and lost for much too long. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight! Captivating Cory is going to “Rock Your World!”


Mature Escort and Guide in NJ, NYC & FL

Allow me to be your escort and guide in Northern New Jersey, New York and Fort Lauderdale.