Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.
Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage
Captivating Cory - Escort and Guide - NJ, NYC & FL


The time we spend together will not be easily forgotten. The connection we make may be one that has rarely been experienced in your lifetime. That is my gift to you…. to us! I am a healer, your exquisite and provocative lover and confidante. Let’s celebrate our union, our very special moment in time.

I invite you to be greedy, take everything that I joyfully offer. There is no longer the need for contemplation, our long anticipated tryst is finally here. Our time together is so very precious,rare and profound. This moment is our reality…. and it happens to be so titillating and hot. We are going to “Rock Each Others World!” I too am anxiously awaiting that day.

I hope you will share your desires and daydreams with me as I am eager to create an unforgettable adventure. Do you sense the hint of an erotic and naughty seduction as you anticipate our long awaited union? Will it be wild and hot or breathtakingly exquisite and profound? It will be extraordinary, that is for sure!!!

When it is time to say “au revoir”, you will feel whole again. You will know contentment and satisfaction, you are gratified and energized. You are my new special sweetheart, cherished and adored and completely satiated and alive.

I do enjoy taking exquisite care of my alluring man. Our erotic tryst should not be hurried. In order for us to fully partake and consume “The Cory Experience”, I passionately suggest you allow for a favorable amount of time when you book this rare and sensuous tryst. Our time will pass much too quickly. It always does. There is always so much more I want to share with you. Stay for a while, my soon to be lover. You will be so glad that you did.


Mature Escort and Guide in NJ, NYC & FL

Highly Skilled and Trained in the Art of Soft Fetish Fantasies, Erotic Sensual Massage

Certified Bondassage® & Elysium® Practitioner

Allow me to be your escort and guide in Northern New Jersey, New York and Fort Lauderdale.