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Club Curiosity ~ Spring & Fall Events in Chicago & New York City



The esteemed TS Rachel Smithe created an erotic event called Club Curiosity. This event occurs twice a year, Spring Time & Fall and is hosted in Chicago & New York City. Private events are also available upon request to the discerning client and adventurist.

Club Curiosity events are best described as an exhilarating and carnal experience catering to the more daring and adventurous-minded gentleman, woman or couple.

Is it time to indulge your desires?

My fellow curiosity guides are both male & female companions as well as some extra special TS ladies. Club Curiosity is open to all men, women, and couples. We limit the attendees to a select few who are thoroughly screened and vetted prior to the event.

Our Curiosity Guides are present for this three hour extravaganza to guide and interact with you.

You alone control the limitations of your desires. All guests have the same rights of interaction. Curiosities explored here are brought to life in a safe environment which honors your boundaries and fantasies. Consenual play is a must.

Why not embrace the hedonist in you? Honor your gourmand. You will be among good company in Chicago & New York City. Experiencing and exploring the voyeur in you is also an option…. or, dive completely into full-on ecstatic pleasure.

If you are well acquainted with your hedonistic persona, then you will not be intimidated by the activities at our events. Regardless of where your curiosities lead you, you will be in the best of company .

We invite you to reveal and share new parts of yourself… Our events are safe spaces created for Seekers to indulge, grow and enjoy the carnal pleasures of the flesh.

There is no shame in your responsible fetish… unless of course shame is your spark of kink.

We also include a variety of wicked toys, suspended sex slings and a menage of intriguing erotica.

It would be an honor for me to act as your own personal Club Curiosity chaperone! These events are so much fun and your memories will not be easily forgotten.

Once your entrance fee has been paid, we ask you to fill out a brief introduction form which gives you the opportunity to share information with us regarding your special fantasies and desires so we can assist in making these day dreams your reality.

We want everyone to walk away feeling energized, satiated, desired and anticipating their next Club Curiosity event!

Club Curiosity in Chicago & New York
“When enough is not enough, a Hedonist is born.” ― Sukant Ratnakar
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