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Captivating Cory - Allow me to be your intimacy escort and guide in NJ NYC & FL.
Captivating Cory - NJ Escort , NYC Escort, FL Escort, Bondassage



Surrender Your Body To Me ~ Indulge In Sensual Kink!

A longtime licensed and trained massage therapist, I never imagined myself practicing the Art of Bondassage® or Elysium®, much less becoming a trained Professional Dominatrix. But here I am, a sensuous Mistress/Domina and loving every minute of it.  Based in NJ, with opportunities for appointments in NYC & Fort Lauderdale (FL).

Allow me to be your escort and guide into the world of Sensual Kink.

The older I get the more I realize that all kink fascinates me. I can even go as far as to say that kink turns me on. You see, knowing what turns you on is the biggest turn on of all for me and being the perfectionist that I am … I want to be great at what I do! So call me an overachiever.. Call me Mistress Kinky Cory.

Kinksters ~ Name Your Kink!

Role Play ~ Foot Worshipping ~ Tease and Denial ~ Prostate Play ~ Bondage ~ Latex ~ Rubber and Rope. Sensation Play ~ Impact Play ~ Suspension and Mummification ~ Giving Service ~ Gratefully Receiving The Rewards For Your Obedience ~ Enjoy The Seductive Fetish of Cigarette Smoke ~ Crossdressers ~ Top ~ Bottom ~ Switch … The list goes on as there is so much more!

Sooooo… KINKSTERS, NAME YOUR KINK! It thrills me to be a part of your fetish fantasies come true.  You are welcome to explore some of my costumes in this gallery.

What Exactly Is Bondassage And How Does It Differ From Elysium?

Let me begin by saying that Bondassage is the most erotic, stimulating and titillating modality that touch therapy can offer. Elysium is Bondassage’s gentler sister. Equally as erotic, Elysium is tailored for those of you that want a slower, more sensual session, or “think” you are not into receiving something which you may perceive to be intense.

I invite you on a journey of submission, sensory deprivation, sensual massage, and erotic sensation play. Complete bliss awaits you.

Bondassage and Elysium are a kind of ritual and ceremony that, when implemented, can have profound and long lasting positive effects on the body of the receiver.

During a Bondassage session, the experience for the client can often be dreamlike or perhaps visionary. It can most definitely be a transformational journey.

These unique forms of bodywork were designed to bring the participant to enhanced magnitudes of bliss that were most likely never experienced before. Through the sensuous stimulation of touch, Bondassage and Elysium easily introduce a desire for you to explore your sensual boundaries, thus edging you towards new and exciting experiences of pleasure.

THE INTAKE ~ The two of us will sit and discuss a few things we both need to know. Are there injuries you have or medical conditions that I need to be made aware of? What are your expectations and limitations pertaining to our time together? Let’s choose a safe word if things get a little too intense for you. I will facilitate a safe and honoring space and allow you, the receiver, to have the ability to experience deep levels of relaxation and perhaps even an emotional release.

THE PRELUDE ~ You enter my room anticipating our time. For the next two hours, I am your Mistress … Kinky Cory. Looking intensely into your eyes, I ask you to remove your robe and present yourself to me. Excited and anxious for my touch, I will place a leather collar around your neck and command you to put your hand on my chest. The soft wrist restraints are gently strapped on. “Your leg please”, I whisper as I place the ankle cuffs on to your legs. I will guide you to my table or bed where you will be lovingly restrained and then the blindfold is secured. Lastly, a bluetooth headset will cradle your ears. This final act of sensory deprivation will isolate you from the outside world, producing mystical music that begins your journey. The special sounds will take you to places that are surreal. You are safe, you are cared for, you are nurtured, and now your journey begins.

THE JOURNEY ~ The journey begins using many soft objects which are lightly grazed over the body producing erotic and stimulating sensations. The pace of the movement blends well with the exceptional music that you are hearing. Hot oil is anointed in a ritual form to cover the whole body and then massaged into your tissue. Heated compresses are used to facilitate a deeper state of relaxation and you slowly let go ready to embrace the anticipation of what is yet to come.

SURRENDER ~ I begin working my warn capable hands over your body … gently kneading, touching, caressing … Deep relaxation takes over, permeating every part of your being. As you shed your tension, you surrender to the sensations forgetting the outside world. I bring my ultimate tease, edging and denial over and over again. I am introducing various objects which elicit different sensations. Hot, cold, sharp, thud, soft, silky, rough, and smooth. I feel your goosebumps as you arch your back with delight. Your excitement keeps building and ebbing simultaneously from the sensations of all this luxurious loving. Exhilarated and titillated, your arousing experience is Rocking Your World.

THE ENDING AND AFTERCARE ~ The combination of sensations rushing over your body draws sensual energy up the spine and throughout the body. Infinitely pleasurable combinations of touch are building intense prolonged arousal of all of your senses. Remember, when you are intensely aroused, your consciousness changes. Your biochemistry changes. You become all sensation. You dissolve into pleasure and peace.

As we complete this journey of sensation, you are cocooned into a warm and soft blanket and time is given for you to gently return to the present. I love the look in your eye as you try to understand what just happened. Bondassage and Elysium take you to places you may have never visited. Bondassage teaches us how to make a deep connection to ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The receiver is allowed to have the experience they wish to have without verbal interference from the practitioner, and only physical touch in the Bondassage way.

Bondassage and Elysium have been an exhilarating and fantastic addition to the list of services I offer. Given my massage therapy background, I am an excellent facilitator for your Bondassage experience. Allow me to be your Shamanatrix as I guide you on the thrill of a lifetime.

I am delighted and grateful for the opportunity to share this adventure with you.

As always,
Seductively yours,
Mistress Kinky Cory


Allow me to be your escort and guide in Northern New Jersey, New York and Fort Lauderdale.